About the Philosophy of
Chinese Medicine


There is an amazing depth to this medicine, but at the core of Chinese philosophy, as well as Chinese Medicine, is harmony – that is what you see the yin and yang symbol – it is illustrated as a balance of black and white visually, but it is also about movement, transitions, and the interdependence of all things.

From a medical perspective it represents an understanding of the dynamics of your body’s form as well as function – what your organ tissue is made up of (form) and what your organ is supposed to be doing (function) – and the interdependence and constantly changing dynamics of each of these.

yin ynag.png

When either the function of any of your organs isn’t working properly, or the tissue is damaged, your body starts giving you various symptoms – a runny nose, pain, sensation of feeling too warm, insomnia, etc. Over thousands of years, a countless number of doctors and scholars have built up a tremendous amount of information about what each of those symptoms, when you look at them all together, are telling you about where your body is out of balance, and how to bring it back into harmony again.

There is also a concept of the root versus branch – I was trained to figure out what the root cause of your issues are as well as addressing the symptoms you are having – which are called the branches. We do not look at all headaches the same, or for example, hypertension. My job is to figure out which of the different underlying patterns of WHY you might be having these issues, and then customize treatment specifically for you. And, as your body starts moving back into its natural state of harmony from the underlying imbalance you had, many of your symptoms, or western medicine diseases, could all start resolving together.

Bottom line, I am trained to look at your body as a whole, no symptom is too small to factor in, and then come up with a diagnosis as to what is out of balance – based on yin and yang, form and function – and then determine how to bring it back into harmony again, naturally.