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Hi. I’m Dr. Anita Pietrofitta and am a Doctor of Chinese Medicine.

I fell in love with the concepts of Eastern Medicine after personally experiencing the power of Jin Shin Jyutsu, acupuncture, cupping and herbal medicine; they changed my life, and helped me avoid surgery. I am forever grateful for the health issues that brought me to this type of natural healing and those that have treated and taught me along the way.

After I was able to avoid surgery, I realized my passion was to teach others about how to heal and feel their best naturally, and in an integrative way with western medicine. I read a lot about Eastern medicine and resonated with many of the key tenants:

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  • The body is dynamic and has the wisdom and a strong capacity to heal itself
  • Prevention is the best medicine
  • Everyone is unique
  • Treat the root cause versus just the symptoms of disease
  • There is an innate connection between the mind, body and spirit

I was so inspired I left my original career as an engineer to obtain both a masters and doctorate degree in Chinese Medicine. My doctorate program focused on Integrative Medicine, Women’s Health, and Pain Management. I have also observed and learned from many masters, both in Chinese Medicine as well as other natural healing methods. And I’ve traveled to China twice to be in their hospitals to see how they integrate their ancient knowledge with Western Medicine.

I am so enjoying this journey. I love helping others using these ancient and time-honored techniques with treatments that encourage the body to heal itself, and prevent diseases before they start.

I am spending two days a week in Sedona, the other three days I am doing acupuncture at the Phoenix campus of the Mayo Clinic in their Integrative Medicine department.

If you would like to come see me here in Sedona, please contact me to have a free 15 minute new patient consult. I like to talk first to make sure I can understand your needs before you come in for your first treatment.

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