New Patient Information

My goal is to provide you comprehensive health care therefore our first time together will involving the following:

  • Initial Phone Discussion: Please contact me to have a free 15 minute new patient consult. I prefer to briefly talk to ensure I understand your needs before you come in for your first appointment. I will reach out to you in the next 24-48 hours to schedule this consultation.

  • Initial Paperwork: After we schedule an appointment I will send you my initial intake information as well as a treatment consent form. I ask that you fill out the intake packet before our appointment to ensure our appointment time is best utilized.

  • Initial Visit: Please plan on us being together for 90 minutes as my goal is to develop a comprehensive diagnosis from a Chinese Medicine perspective. What I love about this medicine is there is a focus on treating your symptoms as well as strengthening and balancing your entire body, simultaneously. Therefore this first visit involves a longer discussion on what you would like to focus on to improve your health, along with any other symptoms you are experiencing, your medical history and any external factors that may impact your health and well-being. Then we will move onto the treatment.


Please complete the form below to request your free 15 minute phone consultation.

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