Products I love

These are all products I use personally and love.  I'd be happy to answer any questions and consult with you on which products fit your needs best!


5YINA Skincare:  Healthy, Radiant Skin inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine

I have used these facial beauty oils and hydrolats for a couple of years now and love how they pamper my skin.  My new favorite is the just released Guiying Decolletage Treatment and I am passionate about spreading the news about it.  I use it nightly for a breast, underarm and decolletage massage as it is so important to promote circulation in the area to help prevent lumps, and find them early if they do happen to appear. 

After working with breast cancer survivors and those undergoing treatment for the past two and a half years I've seen first hand how important this is.  Please give this product, and other 5YINA products, a try! 

I'll be carrying them in my office soon.


Dao Labs: Bring your body back to life

Natural, effervescent powders designed to invigorate your senses, awaken your spirit and provide inner balance.

This is a new company also passionate about promoting the benefits of Chinese Medicine and making it easy for those on the run to enjoy the benefits of herbal medicine.  These are sold in individual packets for you to make a tea out of.  I can help you review their products to determine which you can benefit from.


Premier Research Labs: the world leader in cellular resonant formulations

These supplements are of very high quality and are a combination of various plant and other types of natural raw material. 

I have recently been trained on their QRL muscle-testing protocol to help select the appropriate products for you.  I was drawn to this line as they utilize acupuncture points for their muscle testing protocol as well as hearing for many years about their high quality and effectiveness.  Let me know if you are interested in learning more.  I can offer this testing as a separate service to you and order the products for you.